(1)A quality paint job always begins with a quality plan and quality materials. If a painting project is done well it will generally be very labor intensive. Surface preparation is the largest portion of a great paint job and because of this we use primers and paints of only the highest quality. We use a combination of spray, roller, and brush on paint jobs and the result is a properly painted surface. As we define it: A surface that is uniform in appearance, color, and sheen. This standard is our minimum acceptable standard and we continuously strive for a higher standard that our clients deserve. (2) Using inexpensive or cheap primer and paint will only result in premature failure of the coatings. A painting professional, usually not the person behind the counter at the nearest big box store, will know what work needs to be done to the substrate, the type of primer to apply and the type of topcoat that will offer the best combination of beauty and endurance for your home or business. Coach House Painting and Restoration uses only fine quality stains, primers, and paints because you and your home or business want and deserve the very best. Whether your home or business is new, "mature", or historic it deserves the attention required to provide the absolute best possible quality and look. So call us when you're ready to paint the interior or exterior of your home or business. We will be glad to meet with you to review your expectations, walk through your project with you, and build a scope of work that will provide you with the results you want and deserve. "We do the work - you enjoy the results"

Painting and Staining

Let's face it - painting and/or staining the interior and exterior of your home or business is one of the least expensive and most important and noticeable forms of remodeling and building maintenance available.

A question I am asked very often - "Should we paint our home or install siding?" As a general rule; forget siding. Siding is typically used to cover up poorly maintained areas of a home or is sold in the context of "You will never have to paint again and it looks as good as paint!"
I beg to differ regarding this statement. If you have had recurring trouble with the paint failing on your home or business, it is due to one or both of the following: (1) Poor prep work and application skills and/or (2) Poor quality primer and paint topcoat.

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